[1.36 BUG] Capitalization Typos that Still Remain

  1. Sample Destroyer and Sample Dreadnaught need to be capitalized.

  2. Under Battle, on the Select Mission screen (with all the planets), the Map Sizes need to be capitalized (i.e. “Large” instead of “large”).

  3. Under Research, in the Hulls tab, the various race names are not capitalized. They’re correct for the modules, but not for the hulls.

These certainly detract from my own enjoyment of the game, and I know several other players reported #1 during beta. We still have to see these typo errors every time we press the Load button. It would be great to finally have them fixed.

At this point I’ve reported them so many times that I can only imagine that you’re deliberately ignoring them. Things don’t get any easier to fix than this. I don’t really feel like playing anymore if things like this, which are important to me, are just going to be ignored.

No offense to you but why should that fact that some words that aren’t capitalized (and your plight about not being to enjoy the game at all because of it) be more important for the dev to fix than preventing the game from crashing for other users

It is a waste of resources and time for everyone for a update to only have a few grammatical fixes.
Why is that? First cliff would have to push the update to all the other sources that are selling his game, this takes time. He also must convert the update to a mac and linux builds which i’m pretty sure is a waste of time for how small the change is)

Then for we, the friendly community on the forms who help in tech support, become compelled to make sure they have the latest version which is infuriating if we note that except for a few capitalizations that last two builds are completely the same, yet we still have to make the person download the latest update which does nothing for them.

Now if it is with bugfix thats fine, but its still not as important as you make it to be because.

Each user can modify the games text fields however the like all they need in notepad (on windows)

These typos have been reported with almost every patch since early beta. I am not, nor never have advocated for a patch just for these typos. What I don’t like to see is patch after patch released that do not fix these typos.

I did not make it out to be so dire until this time.

Usually, when our customers (I am a software engineer) start complaining about things like spelling and capitalization, it means the software is on a good track =:-)

That said, from my point of view, a small change like capitalization might take very little time, but this time investment has a very low value for the customer, compared to fixing a crash that kills your whole application; even compared to minor “loss of functionality” bugs like I can not save deployments (an actual bug example). The turnaround is just very low, as the urgency and criticality of real bugs is so much higher.

My point of view: If your product is polished to the end, it means the marketing must be wanting to hide something serious. A polished turd, so to say.

GSB2 is already pretty as it is. Let cliffski fix the serious problems first.

I do not believe that has anything to do with it.

This is not a beta product any longer. It has been out for a while. The recent patches have been fixing minor things. IMO typos that were known in early beta should be fixed before leaving beta. If they were unknown that would be another story. If Cliffski added these typos to the to-do list he has going, then I would feel a lot better. I even asked him to please do so in an earlier typo report. Nothing. Nada. It does not appear to be a time issue at all.

So, I fear it’s more likely these will never get fixed.