1.36 - Lotsa little issues found!

I found some issues while playing for about 5 - 6 hours today. Love the game. Hate the crashing.

I’ve found a whole bunch of small issues, everything from UI bugs, to part issues, and even a crash or two.

  • BUG: Typing a description for a ship, switching to visual edit mode, and then switching back
    without saving will delete the description.

  • BUG: Cursor’s apparent position when typing a description does not take word wrap into account.
    Cursor can appear to be several spaces after the end of the first line, when it is in fact
    in the middle of the first word on the second line.

  • BUG: There can be a cursor in the description field and the design name field of the ship
    designer at the same time. (To reproduce, click the description field first, and
    then the design name field)

  • BUG: In a custom battle, place some ships, swap race, go to the AI side, place some ships, and
    then go back to your side to start the fight. Congratulations! You’ve wiped your meticulous
    ship deployment completely! (Unless you saved it in advance).

     CORROLARY: Place some ships in race A. Switch to race B. Swap to deploying AI fleet. Place
      		  ships from race B. Switch back to race A. Swap sides to player deployment.
  • CRASH: Loading a deployment that you saved for an AI fleet does not work as you expect it to, and
    led to a crash when I tried to play it anyway.

  • CRASH: Attempting to view statistics for a Kraugerisk dreadnought after winning at Malvastaax Alpha caused the game to crash.
    I also heard the sound clip that said “Research and Development mode activated” as the game crashed.

  • PART ISSUE: Green running light is completely useless and doesn’t work.

  • PART ISSUE: F2_HullMod8 has a section that is permanently white. There is no option to color it,
    unlike with most other Zyrtari visual components.

  • PART ISSUE: There are two different modules called “Pulse Laser” available for Zyrtari fighters.

  • PART ISSUE: F2_Drive1a is nowhere near F2_Drive1b and F2_Drive1c in the visual modules menu.

Thanks, we have fixed a lot of these, and are fixing the others…

I’m going to add a little issue: I think that there may be a memory leak involving contrails.