[1.40] New problem modules: frigate missile, P.D.

Spline missiles

The obscure ‘spline’ flight pattern has been applied to standard frigate missiles. Previously it had only existed on yootani jaguar rockets, which also might need to be looked at.

For whatever reason, this missile is now incapable of hitting even near-stationary or painted targets with any consistency. It has a 22-25% functional accuracy or lower.

Point defense

Presumably due to the missile speed change handling, all PD modules now have less than 6% chance of missile interception, which can be verified quickly by the new UI or in-game. The other defense modules (RTS, Scrambler) continue to defy all PD tracking rules and have a flat 75% effectiveness rate.

I confirm this. I had to mod the tracking speed to 160 to get a interception chance of only 40-70% (depends on missile speed). Original tracking speed is 6.
The ECM Beam with its 4.4 tracking speed works like usual.