1.40 online>registration? Bought from GOG

Hi, I purchased GSB2 from GOG. When I start the game and go into the “Online” menu it asks for Registration Code and has a spot to input something, and has a submit code button. Is there something I’m supposed to put there? When I go into challenges it looks like there is nothing there. I’m assuming I need to register for something to show up?

Haven’t played any yet, (Other than a few yrs back played GSB1), but seems to run fine. I hear music, and lots of visual stuff going on on startup screen. thanks,

system: Windows 10 version 1607, i7, gtx970, 32g ram

Hello, fartheststar. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re absolutely right; you must type in your user key before you can access any of the online challenges. Check your email for a confirmation message from GOG that includes this information.

I do recall that once in a while GOG’s servers get slow and the confirmation message does follow your purchase, but sometimes by hours or even days later. If you haven’t received that email from GOG within 24 hours, contact them directly for support.

Thanks for the info. I emailed Gog.

I have it sorted. For anyone else with similar problem, here was the solution for GOG:

  • go to your account on GOG, on the website, not in Galaxy because the option is not available in Galaxy.
  • gog.com/account
  • click on the game, then click on the MORE button, and from the dropdown choose SERIAL KEYS.
  • I wasn’t able to copy/paste, so manually entered the key for online portion into the online area in GSB2.