[1.40] UI Questions

I am having trouble with the UI in the game set-up of version 1.40. I cannot get past the second battle. After winning both the first and second battles several times, generating positive points, I am stuck. When I click on the third planet nothing happens.

I have a similar problem with the campaign. I click on the first planet in the campaign line-up and nothing happens. Please help.

Hey! A little help here, please? GSB2 is a total bust right now as I cannot get past the second battle. My best guess is that since I won the second battle while ignoring the tutorial notes, it somehow locked the remaining battles. Re-setting the tutorial notes in the game options does NOT fix the problem.

The developer is still away on vacation right now. Please be patient; thanks.

Vacation?!? That explains a lot. I thought you had to give up all personal life and sleep to become a developer?