1.42 latest mac version?

Silly noob question - is 1.42 the latest Mac version? How do I check for updates?

Email support@redmarblegames.com and ask them, then tell us because I’m sure other people here would like to know. The Windows version of the game auto-updates when a new patch is available, and the current windows version is 1.46.

The Mac version tries to auto-update, but it downloads the patch as a .exe, which Macs can’t, you know, run.

I discovered this when GSBPatch146.exe spontaneously attempted to open itself in my text editor, and produced several pages of gobbledygook.

So what kind of solution exists or is planned for that sort of unhelpful scenario? Anyone know yet?

Red Marble is reputed to have excellent customer support, but doesn’t have forums for customers to talk to each other. So for now the only reasonable thing I can think of is for everyone who has the mac version to email the red marble support folks and post any useful information back over here. But I wouldn’t assume they are working on the problem until somebody hears back from them saying that they are working on the problem.

They are currently working on squashing 2 remaining bugs before releasing the 1.46 patch for Mac.

I’ve seen references to newer Mac versions, but my game is still at 1.46.1. Is the auto-updater working now for Mac, or do I need to e-mail Red Marble for each update?

The current Mac version is 1.48.1 (until later this week when it will be 1.50). If you have 1.46.1 you should be getting an auto-update offer when you start the game, and yes, auto-updating is working as of 1.46.1. If you’re not getting the update offer, send an email (support … at… redmarblegames … dotcom) and we’ll hook you up.

I still seem to be having trouble with the autoupdate on my Mac (but thanks Red Marble for the excellent support). Is there anywhere that I can see what the current Mac version is at-a-glance?

(I’m on 1.50.0 right now and am looking forward to the 1.52 which I believe fixes some of the retreat bugs in the Galactic Conquest campaign.)

You asked for it, you got it: we’ve edited our GSB web page to keep track of the current Mac version of the game. You can see it at:


The current version is listed at the bottom of the “Game Versions” box, the first blue box under the main yellow game description. The Mac version is currently at 1.50.0.

Thanks; that’s handy.