1.42 Situations Rebalance Changelist

Since Cliff rebalanced situations so that their causes have a higher intertia I wanted to see what had changed.

For the benefit of any curious I learnt about the magic of GitHub after having breakfast.
Here is the Situations .csv 1.39 vs 1.42.

If I wasn’t so busy I would probably like to create a repository to show changes by version to simulation, situations & policies.


another magic aka WinMerge here :smiley:

nonetheless would be very grateful if the changes are kept in a repository. I’m storing only the n-1 build csv-format files.


Honestly it won’t be that hard to do.
I’ll just need to download the manifests for all previous versions… then it’s just a matter of feeding the files into GitHub in their proper order… (only the .csv files obviously, I’m not going to post the actual game online lol) but here is a question…

Is there a quick way to compare two files to see if they are the same ? I only want to add files that have actually had changes to them.


Edit: I realised actually WinMerge can do exactly that for me lol…


Actually for the majority of changes I make, its just text files or csv file changes, so you can even just do a ‘compare two files’ thing with a text editor like textpad and it will very easily show you exactly what changed.