1.5 million honor

I noticed that I was able to earn over 1.5 million honor today. Has this happened for anyone else?

Yeah i tweaked the first misson to give million or so honor too, for modding purposes ofcourse.

It seems the missions under battle reset for me, as of now I’ve earned 2.8 million without modding.

Sounds rather strange. It must be a Mod mission your playing - I cant think of any Vanilla/DLC mission that could net you 1.5Mil honor

It’s not any single mission, it’s all of the DLC missions together. They seem to reset for me from time to time, and I don’t do anything different than before.

ah, I know why they reset.

The file \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\sc.dat contains your results on each of the missions including the honor you earned. If you delete that file, then you have effectivly reset your score - therefore you can re-earn that honor again.

So at one point or another, someone or something is deleting sc.dat

I’ve had to change computers and had to start all over, and with the addition of the Parasites battle, I’ve been able to amass 977,000+ points.

Parasites? is that a hull?

Its a DLC
positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … s/dlc.html

I don’t have a “sc.dat” file anywhere on my pc and definitely not in GSP folder. Where is this file? And how do you get more points once you beat every Battle Mission? I beat them all and have tons of stuff I can’t unlock cause not enough Honor Pts. And, of topic, how do I access some of the unlocked stuff? I bought Nuclear Missiles yet can’t make a ship that has it, neither in Battles or in Campaign! I want my nukes! They cost a fortune…

You can get more honor from a given mission by beating it with a fleet that costs less. Plus the honor is tracked separately for each difficulty on each mission.

The Nuclear Missiles are exclusive to the Order - if you design an Order ship, they should be available as an option.