[1.505] Failure to Start game

Update to 1.505 today does not start.

Revert to 1.504 and back to working normally.

back to 1.505 and fails to start.

back to 1.504 and works again… so something wrong with 1.505.

errors.txt contains only this line:
18/5/2018 - 1::28 - First run crash detected, switching to windowed mode automagically - Error: [Unknown error]

debug.txt contains this:
[1:28:52:465]- ----DEBUG FILE----
[1:28:52:466]- Production Line Debug File version: alpha 1.505
GetLogicalProcessorInformation results:

[1:28:52:466]- Number of NUMA nodes: 1
[1:28:52:466]- Number of physical processor packages: 1
[1:28:52:466]- Number of processor cores: 4
[1:28:52:466]- Number of logical processors: 8
[1:28:52:466]- Number of processor L1/L2/L3 caches: 8/4/1
[1:28:52:470]- Desktop resolution is 1920 x 1080
[1:28:52:470]- Windowed but matching fullscreen dimensions == initialising borderless window mode

I assume this is without steam?
Has the windows creators update run for you recently?

I’m running Windows 10 Home, version 1607. This does not appear to be the creators update which would be version 1703 according to the web.

Launching from Steam does the same thing vs launching from outside steam.

uninstalling from Steam and reinstalling causes the same symptom.

renaming the …\My games\productionline folder does not change the symptom.

the only thing that works is to downgrade to 1.504.

Similar force closing was occurred with Steam and latest creators update.

1.5051 appears to have fixed the issue.

Thats good to know!