[1.52] Wing Mirror Assembly

Hi all,

Wing Mirror assembly is buggy with the components it consumes. What seems to happen is if you are installing any mirror that isn’t standard, it consumes all standard mirrors currently on the stockpile. If you have predictive stock control applied to the assembly, it doesn’t consume the mirrors at the start of assembly but at the end, not sure if that bit helps. The assembly then throws an “Insufficient Resources” status and halts assembly until more standard mirrors arrive. I’ve tested this with Folding, Heated and Folding Heated Wingmirrors’ all with the same result.

I’ve done numerous scenarios to reproduce this bug also experimenting with predictive stock control and one thing I noticed was the bug kicked on or about the 8th car to go through the assembly line. After that 8th car, the assembly was bugged until removed and replaced. The bug kicks in again though.

I made a quick video showing the bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFo8aUnVrjs&feature=youtu.be


Update, this also affects “Fit Lights”. I have directional headlights being installed on my models and once they are installed, all standard lights are consumed. Sounds like this may affect all stations where you have multiple options to install?

Hey thanks for posting this. I’m fairly sure this is related to similar problems that can happen with bumpers, and we recently made changes to the code that should address it, so with any luck you wont be seeing this as a problem after the next (1.53) update.

Hi Cliffski,

Sounds good! I’ll be sure to check this out once 1.53 goes live. Thanks for the update.