[1.55] Tech Tree Capitalization, Etc


Some items on the Tech Tree need to be fixed at some point. I made a list for your convenience:

Under Performance Features:

  • “Large Batterypack” should be “Large Battery Pack”

Under Chassis Specialization:

  • “Fuel Tanks Manufacture” should be “Fuel Tank Manufacture”

Under Body Specialization:

  • “Doorpanels Manufacture” should be “Door Panel Manufacture”

Under Accessories Specialization:

  • “Dashboard specialization” should be “Dashboard Specialization”

Under Improved Efficiency:

  • “Even faster resource imports” should be “Even Faster Resource Imports”
  • “Super-fast resource imports” should be “Super-Fast Resource Imports”

Under Administration:

  • “Advanced fault diagnosis” should be “Advanced Fault Diagnosis”

Under Advanced Production:

  • “Basic re-tooling” should be “Basic Retooling”
  • “Advanced re-tooling” should be “Advanced Retooling”

Thank you for a great game.

  • The tooltip for Predictive Stock Control needs a capital “R” for “Re-orders”

  • A space is missing in the Car Showroom window between “Car Stock” and “(Showroom)”