[1.56] suggestions

Ive done the bugs ‘one per post’ but i’ll do the suggestions in bulk.

I should add that even with all these bug reports and comments im having a lot of fun in the game. So thumbs up for a solid alpha! Good work!

Component prices
Rather than have the 2 side by side lists of components could you instead add some more info? The key question i have is ‘which component is costing me the most’ and i cant seem to find that anywhere.

Im sure i could reconstruct it by looking at the component price window and then flipping to the graph component ‘number’ to subtract the total from the number i produced and then multiplying it by the price but that seems way way way too annoying.

Id rather be able to sort the graph component list by ‘total expense cost’ per component.

rename directional headlights?
Auto-steer headlights vs directional headlights? I assume they are the same thing?

add component to design
lists market value but not cost to produce? Sure i can take the total cost of the car, add the component, then subtract the old total cost from the new total cost manually, but you could include it to make that easier for me :wink:

Move equipment option
It seems silly to have to demolish and then repurchase equipment. Maybe have the option to move it and handicap the player ‘time’ rather than cost? (You already seem to have all the animation required from the ‘drop from the sky after save’ view. Maybe it takes a week to move or something (and blocks both spaces?)

chassis assemble/change schedule
Can you add an option to ‘copy this schedule to all’ to save me doing that manually?

buy all should drop you back to the upgrade window
If I place a number of new ‘fit’ stations with a lot of researched upgrades then when i open the upgrade window and select an upgrade and click “upgrade all” it drops me out of the window totally and i have to reselect the fit station, click upgrade, click the next upgrade and do it all again.

If you dropped us back to the upgrade list (rather than closing the fit station window) that would make it so much easier.

Or even better a ‘copy to all’ button so i can just click ‘buy’ on all the upgrades i want and then click ‘copy all’ to duplicate that setup on all other stations of the same type.

Or when you place them an option to ‘copy other stations setup’

This drives me batty every time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Late game rebuilds/new fit stations drive me crazy.

*options which are 1 of N should be grouped in design window

Rather than headlights, xenon, led’s being spread all through the list of features, they should be clustered under lights (which should be a drop down selector somewhat like it is when selecting what a stockpile is).

Id say that UI wise, all light options (directional etc) should be clustered together. Ie, one dropdown for ‘headlight type’ and then ‘headlight: directional’.

Good UI design should make it easy and consistent to find things. You have two different UI ways to select find headlights (one in stockpile, one in designer). Pick one and use it consistently. (Like the custom color for cars… either done have it or use it everywhere, dont use it some places and not others or users will look for it and be confused when all their market sedans are red when they picked different colors for them).

market research option
I have a lux car with every ‘rare’ and better upgrade that my opponent ai’s have and it has 378 views and isnt over priced. Why isnt it selling?

Maybe add a market research option to the game so you can dig (indirectly) into why things are not selling or what would make them sell better? Wrong body style? What does that mean? Can i pay marketing $100000 to find out what that means? Ive researched everything and i dont see another option. I have all the options in my lux sedan and it’s only $108k and people still say it’s “poor value for money”. Why exactly?

it is nice you get some feedback from the showroom but there needs to be some way to work out exactly what it all means.


Anyway, i hope this is all of some use. Fun little game you have (he says, about to go back and start another factory. hahaa).

Oh and one other suggestion…

conveyor editor

Quite often i lay out a second track for a production line and some conveyor somewhere is borked and it is so hard to see, so my suggestion is add some way to edit the directions of conveyors (like in the blueprint editor)

Maybe a clearer view in the blueprint mode (maybe using some variation of the green arrows?) Something without the 3d of the stations (which often seem to block the conveyors behind them).

Some visual representation of the flow of conveyors would be very helpful for newbies.

I wish the visuals for conveyors were somehow adjustable - like sometimes reconfiguring my line means that some leftover chunk of conveyor now has the wrong shape and i dont want to have to pay again to demolish and re-create it to update the visual to a straight piece, where a T once was, for example.

It does seem a bit weird to have to delete and then re-purchase.

Again often id be happy to spent time rather than $$ to move or reconfigure some part.

Keep user selections

graphs -> components i usually want to see ‘consumed’

but every time i click graphs, i have to click components then consumed. Could you make it remember so when i go to graphs it just returns me to where i was last time? Ie, go back to ‘consumed’ components if that was what i was looking at last.