1.70 blueprint mode: deleting conveyor blueprints not working properly

Tl;dr: I put down a conveyor belt, decide to delete it, try to move a slot blueprint over anything where the conveyors used to be and the game still thinks the conveyors are there.

Saving and reloading fixes the issue. No biggie, but I didn’t see it in fixes for 1.71 nor did I see it in any other bug threads. Might as well report it.

hmmm thanks for the report, I shall investigate right now.

edit: try as I might… I cannot reproduce a problem here.
what i am doing:

  1. placing down two long stretches of conveyor belt (not blueprints)
  2. deleting every bit of those conveyor belts
  3. switching to blueprint mode
  4. attempting to place a blueprint of a slot where the conveyor belt was
  5. converting that placed blueprint to a final slot.

This seems to work fine for me. am I misunderstanding? or is that exactly what you were doing?