1.74 - UI freeze still there

A while back I reported a bug about my UI randomly freezing. The buttons still animate, the game keeps running, but it’s impossible to interact with the game in any way. So I have to wait for the next autosave, force quit and reload to keep playing. 1.69 UI becomes unresponsive

I didn’t get a response on the report and the bug is definitely still there, so I assume you didn’t read it back then. Since I really like the game and it is pretty much unplayable on my computer, it would be great if you could give it a look at some point in the future. Just tell me what you need - I could do a teamview session to demonstrate the problem.

I also have this bug, running 1.75 version from GOG. Things I have tried are enable and disable autosave, and running the game fullscreen or windowed. As the OP says the games carries on but all the buttons stop reacting to clicks, also the cursor key no longer scroll the view around but moving the mouse to the edge of the screen does. Finally windows task manager does not show the .exe has having crashed. Just in case it is relevant I am running all AMD hardware.

I may have a solution to the UI freeze issue.

I purchased my copy from GOG.com and was managing it through their Galaxy client. My possible fix is to set the ProductionLine.exe to run as administrator. In my case the file is in …GOG Galaxy\Games\Production Line.

Right click on ProductionLine.exe, choose properties, go to the compatibility tab and tick the option Run this program as an administrator. I then created a shortcut to the ProductionLine.exe file and run the game from there instead of through the Galaxy client. I have to click Yes on the User Account Control (UAC) prompt before the game starts.

So far the game has been running for 2 hours without a UI freeze. Before making this change the best I had managed was about 25 minutes. Oddly if I launch the game through the Galaxy client there is no UAC prompt and the game starts crashing again.

I am going to leave it running overnight and see if it remains stable.

Yes that fixed the issue for me as well, thanks! I think there is a way to run a game as admin through GOG, so it should work with the regular shortcut. I’ll have to try that later.