1.75 Update to Unsexy graphic mode

I decided to continue my saved game even the new patch notes did not mention anything about a possible fix. Worked flawlessly for a couple hours, leading me to believe it was solved on its own, unfortunately happened with a simillar variant again. I will attach some images.

I can’t think it’s related to any action on my side, was just enjoying the game updating the factory and trying to improve efficiency 8D but still let me mention… it’s possible that the glitch / bug happened while I was scrolling out with the mouse wheel, could it be a hint?

Other minor details, not sure if they can be helpful:

windows 7 64
i7 2700
8 gb ram
asus nvidia 1050 ti

Don’t know yet if it may happen with a new factory / save game but will update as soon as I have a chance to try it.

Also will update this post with some related info on steam discussions I saw some time ago, need to find it again.

Many thanks in advance.

You are not alone in this issue. This weekend it has been pretty bad. Saving and restoring fixes it for 5-15 mins. Rebooting hasnt helped.

System: Win10 1709, i5-7600, 16GB RAM, nVidia GTX 1070

Br, Porphyria

I have then same problem, is there anyway to fix this ? Makes the game unplayable after day 10 - 15 (I do not have the problem in the beginning of the game)

I have a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X with 16 gb of ram, 1060 nvida and windows 10
Can see that the users above have nvidia as me, is it a problem with the way nividia do stuff ?

Hope you can help, Thanks

EDIT: It look like removing “Always show Importer GUI”, " Glossy Cars" and “Floating Resources” fixed it