100% Retirement



I know we have a bad demographic here in germany with not enough young people to support the elder, but my save (not attached because neither xml nor txt is allowed as extension) has 100% retired people while still having youth etc. I think while maybe remotely possible with retired people owning a business it is kinda unrealistic having only retired people in a country.

Especially because 60,85% of those retired people are state employees…

Save is available on request :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve been shown a save game with this already. Suffice to say that the next build of the game will tone down the ability for policies to boost retirement membership quite so much :smiley:


Why don’t you also implement a maximum percentage like so: 100%-state employees-whatever

Just to make sure that the values stay consistent with each other.


Indeed, this is not a bad idea, although it probably needs to be more involved than that, because also there are self-employed people, who are likely not to be (at least not directly) state employees… argghhhh!