100% Wealthy problem (Solved)

whenever the GDP is doing well the percentage of Wealthy (the voter group) increases way too much even with socialist policies like cap CEO pay and punitive wealth tax, i’ve looked throgh the game files, and even tried reducing the _HighIncome effect of most policies and even edited the simulation file, but the problem persists, @cliffski can you please fix this or at least explain why it is happening.

anti wealthy policies only seem to slow down their growth, and every turn i look at the middle income and wealthy tabs, middle income (percentage) sharpy drops and wealty (percentage) sharply increases, and then wealthy shaply drops and middle income increases, and the cycle goes on endlessy, slighty increasing wealty percentage eacy time until 100% of the population is wealthy. is this intended or a bug?

this seems to happen only in the late game.

You are saying that the percentages ping-pong between more middle income, then more wealthy, then back again?
I admit I have not seen this, but I may not be paying close enough attention to variations in these 2 groups memberships in the late game.

In terms of being a bug, nothing in the game is directly coded in such a way, but its extremely likely that this is some emergent (unplanned) phenomena. It might be that the growth in one of those groups is resulting in some economic effect that is then resulting in a drop in that group soon afterwards.

Income group membership is complex because voters have an ‘innate’ income based on their assumed labour-market-value which places them in a specific group. Their actual income is then adjusted based on policies that affect that group (like free school meals boosting the income of the poor, or luxury goods taxes reducing the income fo the wealthy). This MAY then shift them up or down a group.

This is how we are able to plot everyone’s movement between groups on that disposable income chart.

So maybe middle income people are being made wealthy by GDP (it basically boosts everyone’s income) and that change is somehow resulting in a effect changing that then penalizes them?

I would be interested to see a save game that clearly shows the effect. It sounds fascinating :smiley:


yes, they do ping pong for a while but it always eventually ends with 100% wealthy, now i’m really regreting deleting my saves, i will try to reproduce this and upload the save.
(they ussualy ping pong for a solid 10-20 turns before settling down)

full disclosure this also might be my falut for messing around with the simulation files, but i do recall it happening on an unmodded game on multiple occasions, when i’m talking about late game i really mean LATE game like 50-100 turns after the beginning

i’ll try to reproduce this phenomenon on a fresh install and upload the save.
i also suspect there might be some specific set of policies that induces this, but i recall it happening both when i went full socialist and full capitalist so idk what it could be.

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okay, wahtever this is it’s either not present in the current version of the game 1.30, it was either an older version or caused by me messing around with the simulations, i’m still curious to find out what change i made caused it tho.

125 turns in and it hasn’t happened, i used the japan integer exploit to get tons of money, then tried both socialism and capitalism and neither caused it, whatever it was you fixed it with 1.30 @cliffski

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now i’m going to try messing around with the simulations again until i figure out what causes this and report back later

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ok, i’ve figured out what this was, it was me making a mistake when i was messing around with mortgage tax relief and i made the effect wayy to extreme MiddleIncome,0.1+(0.8x) and _MiddleIncome,0+(0.7x) while i meant to make them MiddleIncome,0.1+(0.08x) and _MiddleIncome,0+(0.07x), basically i forgot to add a zero, but i think it has still been fascinating to see the effects of this, why does middle income increasing create wealthy membership when is should create middle income memebership, i thought that the _gropIncome stats worked like memberhip but they actually affect disposable income. @cliffski

i suspect that a less extreme version of a simular effect caused the late game ping ponging, but i must have also made a policy that decreased _HighIncome to then make the bouce back and fourth

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I’ve noticed that the people in the disposable income page remain in whatever group they started in no matter how wealthy or poor they become. By late game there will be a ton of people on the wealthiest side of the scale who’s income is being affected by free bus passes and food stamps. Because they started the game as poor, they continue to be affected by things which impact the poor, even though somehow food stamps caused them to be billionaires.

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