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I don’t want to even consider how you’ll fit the modules into the ship editor…
Or, for that matter, how much modules/weapons it’ll have.

Oh, scary thought: Your ship + the Uni-T

“Our cruisers can’t repel fire of that magnitude!”

That’s a nontrivial problem, and you have a good mind to have idenitfied it so soon. The first ship that ran into that obstacle was the Bellator-class battlecruiser from hopefast’s Fantasy Fleet mod. It was a variant of a Super Star Destroyer hull which, in its earliest incarnation, turned out to be waaaaaaaaay too long to fit into the ship editor window.

Indeed, padawan. Ordering “Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!” hardly even begins to deal with the problem. Worse, I somehow doubt Randy’s going to be a good sport and consent to arming it only with mediocre weaponry like the Quantum Blaster or the Cruiser Missile Launcher. To quote The Princess Bride, “Have fun storming the castle!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite correct, the problem with the Bellator cruiser was exactly as Archduke described, the ship was too long and not wide enough. The reason for this was, (at the time) GSB could not support a ship over 270 long in the editor. Fast forward to now and the limit has been removed but we now face a whole new set of problems. I road tested a small version of randy’s <> ship with a size of 2000 x 2000 . . here are some of the interesting “problems” i encountered (deployment issues asside).

  1. Zoom - Unless you turn of the minimum zoom function you will never fit the ship in the screen.

1a) Devil is in the Details. As the title of this thread indicates you need to have a detailed model so when you zoom in, the ship does not look pixalated.

  1. Turrets - When you placed a standard turret on the ship it was far to small, I created a custom turret for this ship and my early research indicated that 10% of the ship size is an ideal size for a small turret and up to 20% for a large turret.

So in this example, a turret of 200 x 200 was perfect for a small turret on this experimental ship or to put it in persepective, each turret was the size of a cruiser. (again devil in the detail)

  1. GUI - Since the ship was so large, when the cursor was within 1 parsec of the ship, the game thought i had my cursor over the ship displaying the name. This made it very hard to select any of the “support” cruisers around it . . . Although i dont really know how you can really support something that has turrets bigger than your ship.

  2. Return Fire - from my early experiments i think there might be a problem with shooting at super large ships.
    First of all before a your attacking ships can open fire on the enemy, the weapon must be in range of the CENTROID !
    So if a ship is 2000x2000 and we are attacking with a cruiser armed only with Cruiser lasers, our attacking cruiser must cross half of the for the cruiser lasers to be in range of the centroid. Once they are within range they are able to shoot at the “damagable” areas

As you are aware the game targets the “damage” areas on a ship as well as the centroid. With a ship that large, the damage locations are very far apart which means the enemy ship might not have a weapon with enough range to hit it*. WIth that in mind, you will have to place a increased number of damage locations which is proportional to the size of the ship.
[*] not 100% sure on this, needs more testing.

As a suggestion:
Ifa a cruiser that is 200 x 200 has 10 damage locations to target
a leviathan that is 2000 x 2000 should have 100 damage locations to target (and make sure that some are right on the front half of the ship)
This will keep the “density” of the destructable areas “similar” in shape and size

So the Bigger the ship, the more work you gotta do. .

Yep, the number of damage locations has nothing to do with the ship size and everything to do with the class…

Unless I missed your sarcastic humor (which is possible), I think that you’re proceeding from a false assumption here. Darkstar most likely made a simple typo error, forgetting to type 2,000 x 2,000 in the second example. After all, the number of damage locations just went up tenfold compared to the first example, so the ship’s surface area must have done likewise. Let’s not read too deeply into a simple error.

Upon further reflection…I’m beginning to wonder if this entire thread is just (more) unproductive trolling on Randy’s part. For the time being, I’m going to take it at face value.

[Aussie Accent]I swear, people would complain if a dunny fell on their head[/Aussie Accent]

Yes, i made a typo :stuck_out_tongue: (which has been fixed)
On the bright side, people are reading the fine print :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you’ve previously listed some less-than-obvious challenges in crafting such extra-huge vessels. I was taken by surprise at first by the visual implications of Cliffski’s targeting & damage rendering when forced to apply it to such a grand expanse of ship’s surface area. Applying a larger-than-average distribution of visual damage points to the forward-most, say, 10-20% of any supership is a prudent idea.

The method of my madness was that most of the engaements are head on, and if i was a piddly cruiser tackling a leviathan, i would not target the bridge that is all the way to the back (not to mention out of range for another 5 minutes)

I still think that there will be some other problesm since there are some weapons that only target the centroid of the ship

I don’t yet know how to approach that conundrum. It’s partially beyond our control.

I have given the situation a bit more thought and I might have to retract my previous statement.
It could be a VERY GOOD thing that some weapons target only the centroid. . .

Here are some weapons that target the centroid of the ship:
Tractor beam - it would be kinda silly that a cruiser can use a tractor beam to stop a lumbering leviathan.
EMP Beam - again a 20km long behemoth is crippled by some puny cruiser with a emp cannon.
(we cant do anything about EMP missiles at the moment and we cant build emp resistance into a hull, but we shall tackle one thing at a time)

Damage locations went up 10x, length and width went up 10x, surface area went up 100x. Simple errors… runs very quickly

Oh, just shoot me now and put me out of my misery. [-deep sigh-] My carpal-tunnel syndrome not only makes typing increasingly painful and slow, but the pain must also be slowing my mind at times. :confused:

“duuudeee, isn’t that like, a huuuge ship?”
“naaah, that’s like, a planet, duuudeeee.”

“Now witness the power of my fully armed and operational battlestation.”

somehow, that sounds like a crappy pick-up line.
curse my immature sense of humor, or rather, bless it. :smiley:

Alright- Development on the huge ship has ceased untill I can find a way to reduce the crippling lag.

I know its kind of redundant but couldn’t you use a better computer?

Mine is actually top of the range on the commercial market (for pc’s) when it comes to processor speed and ram size.

I have no desire to melt my computer with any incarnation of this, but just so that you know

… I’m enjoying reading this thread anyway :slight_smile: