2 Bugs in Policies.CSV

Version: Original Game
File: policies.csv

1.) ChildBenefit : Has a modifer with “Equality,0.0.5+(0.15x)" 0.0.5 couldn’t be correct
2.) DeathPenalty: Has an effect for "Religious-0.06-(0.06
x)” wrong format

The same file also contains the following mismatched parenthesis in effects (which don’t affect the game):

ForeignAid: Liberal,0+0.10*x) LabourLaws: Wages,-0.12+0.24*x) FoodStamps: Socialist,0.02+0.08*x) RecreationalDrugsTax: LegalDrugConsumption,-0.1*(x^2))

Yikes, thanks for finding these I shall get them fixed…

Sounds good!

Hi Cliff,

when you will bugfix these small bugs? Any idea when a new update will be released?

Please fix these small bugs. :slight_smile:

Hi Cliff,

thanks for not correcting these things after months. It’s only five small changes to a text file, damnit. We payed for that game.

Is it so difficult to fix these small bugs?

Any further small typo errors in original files? (DLC’s, etc.)

…and no further support here…


Cliff, please could you correct the policies (see above)?