2 Bugs + UI Improvement suggestions

Just got the game and went through the tutorial and the first beginner game using 1.0.4. I really enjoyed watching through the video blogs and seeing the progression of the game and getting to try it out first hand.


  1. At one point after viewing the research tab several of the lines that connect research items were permanently visible, no matter what screen I was viewing. Restarted the application to fix this.
  2. When upgrading research the Pill machine box doesn’t state the number of pill machines unlike the other machines.
  3. Game got slower and slower over time on my mac, restarting fixed that sorry don’t know how to describe it better Double clicking to delete eventually didn’t work at all, but would only scroll etc.

UI Improvement/suggestions:

  • It would be nice if on the ingredient screen it also showed the number of times each one was used just like in the research tab
  • A tooltip on the speed buttons and the tabs showing the keyboard shortcuts would help users learn how to rapidly use the controls without having the use the mouse
  • Adding the ability to turn on showing FSP in the options would be useful for those that are trying to find the best resolution that is still playable. I am guessing it is available somehow, but a google search didn’t show anything. I have a 21:9 3440x1440 monitor, but it looks like I am getting maybe 5 frames per second on my macbook pro when using the monitor at this resolution. Watch the video blogs and as requested for your enjoyment here is a photo of the opening screen: imgur.com/boaFa9Y
  • Start loading the game before showing the two splash screens so by the time the loading screen is showing it will be half done and the startup time will decrease.
  • It would be worth linking to the official wiki on the top of bigpharmagame.com/
  • The keyboard shortcuts don’t tell you what you the combo is to select an ingredient so you can delete it, I saw it in the video, but couldn’t figure it out. Best to put it there where users can self-discover it.

Got a screenshot of the graphical glitch:http://imgur.com/UsVDUa7

Also I have saved a game that even when viewing just the research tab, not the factory floor tab it eats up between 60-80% of the cpu.

I’ve seen that graphical glitch before too (and reported it somewhere here).

You’ve got some good suggestions there. +1 to them. :slight_smile: