2 proposals

If the developers even see this.
First proposal is that there shouldn’t be a maximum amount of GDP because after you reach it working on it doesn’t really make sense.
Second proposal, countries in the EU and other such institutions should be able to negotiate for funds. The same is for reaching help from foreign banks and the International Monetary Funds.

The GDP bubble in game simulates GDP growth, not absolute GDP iirc. GDP growth is capped due to certain limitations in the game.

A similar topic was mentioned on the forums a while back:


@cliffski views on the second proposal?

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Cliff’s good about getting back to people.

GDP is one of many bars are are too easy to push to either the ceiling or the floor. A while back the time to benefit from education increases got extended, which is a good start, but we need more for sure. Of the 6 bars on the quarterly report screen unemployment is the only one I can’t push to 0 or 1 by the end of my first term.

As for what GDP represents, it’s several economic metrics in one. Much like foreign relations, which simplifies global politics by representing all foreign countries as having a monolithic opinion, GDP is a necessary simplification to make the game functional. The way that incomes from taxes so immediately and directly scale with it makes it seem like total economic activity, while other factors make it seem like growth.


Regarding EU funds, its an interesting idea, but I will have to think about how it could work. Perhaps it involves spending a lot of political capital to get better funds, because it does seem to be something that takes a lot of arguing and time :smiley:

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Thank you

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