2021, bought the game and

So I bought the game… I tried to launch it, first problem, the game crashes. I looked for a fix, found one, delete the game folder on my documents. Worked, great. Started playing the game, it crashed for no apparent reason from time to time always at the loading screen for a battle, looked for a fix, none found. Tried a different computer, same issue. I insisted on the game because i really like this type of game and after all it’s my work to make YT contend from indie jewels that no one knows about, helps me and helps the Devs. After completing the game and starting to make my attempts at the harder difficulties the constant crashes just deleted my will to keep playing it. I searched again for a fix because I was considering bringing it to my YouTube channel and thought, maybe it is just a isolated issue that both my computers have. I just found that the developer abandoned the game because “it was a flop” and A LOT of people were having the same issue. People are very mad at the steam reviews. The game had a lot of potential, it is just buggy and feels like a beta. I said, maybe it was the second game from the dev and he is not experienced enough, that is fine, it was a cheap game and everyone starts from something right? Wrong, over 20 years of experience. After 2-3h reading everything I could find about it I came here to say this. People are mad because of just one reason: They feel cheated because they payed for a beta version filled with bugs and missing features (I guess it is the standard now days). The least we expect from a game is that 5 years old is that it has no game breaking bugs. The dev says he is a gamer. I have only one question. As a gamer how do you feel when you buy a game from Ubisoft that is completely broken, or as a ex-Maxis dev, how do you feel when people said that the last Sim City was the worst game of the franchise because it was filled with bugs and lack a lot o features? Yes, that is exactly how we feel about GSB2. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed that the community handled this issue the way they did and the Dev got burned out by them and took such a drastic decision. I hope in the future he reconsider and at least fix the bugs. But for some reason I don’t have high hopes for this.

Sorry for the long wall of text and i mean no disrespect, also it is obvious that English is not my first language.

Anyone any thoughts or advice?