27,000 points, 500 fighters, large map

I posted this challenge, asking people to play it, then launch counter-challenges of their own the same map. I was hoping to take the results and compile some sort of statistics.

The idea is to see if you can win this battle on the first attempt; then issue your own challenge, and see how many other people can beat your challenge on the first attempt, then compile a record of which player is the best at offering, and responding under these conditions.

With 27,000 points and 500 pilots, virtually any force can be created. So, it’s totally wide open.

I’d encourage anyone wanting to participate in this, to engage in some challenge action, and create a posting on this thread where you can edit from time to time, and update your personal statistics.

So, it’s sort of an open-ended, ongoing challenge, with an interest in gathering data as to which race might be the best, or which fleet compositions and orders combinations are the most successfull overall. And to see which player can amass the best personal winning percentage in challenge 1st attempts (a ‘challenge 1st attempt’ meaning the initial time a challenge is played).

My initial thought here is that, in offering a challenge, a player will have to give consideration to anti-fighter measures. The temptation for making a fighter swarm when accepting a challenge will be great. I wanted to leave it open for any possible configuration of ships, and a force made entirely of the 54-point imperial rocket fighter would fill out the roster of 500 pilots at 27,000 points. So, anything goes!

A: I wish you had gone for 54,000K 1000 Pilots. Bigger is more Gratuitous. Plus you get the potential for more options.
B: Should of used a named custom map. (Like oh say… my own “Fighter Arena” Which is the same save for having the before mentioned 54K 1000P stats.)

Alliance Missile Storm
Posted: 01/02/10

My rather predictable offering to this event.

Has Achieved Victory over:
Antisocialmunkey’s “27K 500P - Mr Blitz Challenge” Posted on 1/1/10

It can beat Mr.Blitz’s challenge as well, but I had already touched that challenge Previously with a different fleet.

I suppose I’m 1 for 2.

Thunder, you think it should be 54,000 as you’d originally suggested? I could go with that. Since we’re not too far into this thing, maybe we could switch to your fighter arena map. Maybe we could run both the 27,000 and 54,000 maps concurrently.

regardless of what you do, please name the challenge scenario to something more usefull than “Custom map”

I posted 2 on the map that are floating around near 4 stars :-\