2K Crusiser Challenge

[size=150]The challenge is simple. Beat the challenge and retaliate w/ your winning design.[/size]
Post You GSB name, Challenge ID number, your retaliation number, along with your Ship, load out, and additional orders here.
You can add a picture like I did before however you see fit with online photosharing sites or skydrive.live.com that gives you 25gigs of free online storage space.

Current Challenge ID is as follows
Challenge ID # 4587269 posted 6/15/10

This 2K challenge in response to Rebellion’s challenge “! V !” on 6/10/10 Challenge id: 4586758
I won and retaliated w/ ID: 4587257

My retaliation is the start of the 2K challenge.

Here’s my loadout: for the Tribe Paradise
2 - Howitzers
2 - Autocannons
1 - EMP Cannon
1 - Megathron Launcher (Front double launcher)

1 - Crew II
3 - Tribal Repair
2 - Cruiser Engine
1 - Power Generator III (weapons double Slot does not double power)

Additional Orders:
Keep Moving

Post your screenshot of the cruiser and list the loadout of the ship.

The point of the challenge has two parts.

  • That there is not one super race.
  • The other, that for every challenge there is always a counter to that challenge no matter how many attempts it takes.

Last, If you create a new challenge make sure the Label is "2k Challenge: in Retaliation of Challenge ID: " in response to one that you’ve already beaten. The reason is for the 2nd point of the challenge and continue the chain of winnings without deviating too far from beating the previous winner.

The Map is set as follows: $2k, 1 ship, 1200 size map.

The Challenge must be Cruiser Only, no fighters even if you launch one fighter and come back hours later, that does not count.

My reply to the 2K cruiser battle

Challenge ID 4587282 Posted 06/16/10
name = 2k cruiser challange
guiname = 2k Cruiser Challange
hull = order_trinity_cruiser

0 = cruiser_protonbeam,
1 = cruiser_protonbeam,
2 = cruiser_protonbeam,
3 = cruiser_protonbeam,
4 = cruiser_armour V,
5 = cruiser_ecm beam,
6 =
7 = cruiser_ecm shield,
8 = cruiser power,
9 =
10 = cruiser_armour V,
11 = cruiser_engine,
12 = cruiser_repair_armor2,
13 =
14 = cruiser_quantumblaster,
15 = cruiser crew_reinforced,
16 = cruiser power,

This worked agains’t Maarek’s challenge 4587269


Once again, the double slots are for aesthetics [size=105]only![/size]

Berny - It would seem that getting close didn’t help, even Cruiser lasers take awhile to penetrate armor, so I took to reflect on your strategy and counter your armor with Lasers as well.

2K Challenge retaliation id # 4587300
Hull - Imperial Legion

Weapons Load Out:
3 - Imperial Lasers
1 - EMP Cannon
1 - Light Plasma Launcher

Defensive / Other Load Out:
2 - Fast Recharge Shields
1 - Shield Generator II
2 - reinforced power gen IIs
1 - Crew II
1 - Cruiser Engine

Note: Zran, who isn’t posting here has beaten my Tribe ship with an Order Crusader focusing on Cruiser Lasers, shields and engine thrust to get in range. Retaliation ID # 4587269
My Imperial ship could not defeat it. Due to his shields.

I didn’t know that. I must have missed a posting on that.

This is what I used to beat your challenge, it took awhile, but without heavy defenses, my single cruiser laser outdps’ed your cruiser.

1 - Cruiser Laser

6 - Powered Armor
1 - Nanobot Repair

1 - Micro Crew
1 - Basic Power Generator
1 - Cruiser Engine II


I just sent you another personal challenge.

I meant with larger map size is not to make close in cruisers, but one’s that stay out at far missile range and just dance around.
I sent another personal challenge with an example.


I just beat that challenge. My Retaliation ID # 4587308

Weapon Load Out:
3 - Cruiser Rockets
1 - Cruiser Proton Beam
1 - EMP Cannon

Defensive / Other Load Out:
1 - Ultra Heavy Armor
2 - Cruiser Armor
1 - Reflective Shields
1 - Shield Generator II
1 - Crew II
1 - Power Generator III

This Loadout barely defeated Zran’s Order ship as well. Retaliation ID # 4587269

Manlobe can you retaliate and post a number?

I can always recreate it and stamp your name all over it.

I just beat the Tribe one with a Rebel Cruiser.

I should probably put on an Missile Scrambler because that Megaton Missile was the thing that could break me.

Retaliated # 4587269

Mine was able to beat all previous challenges that were still up.

Challenge# 4587405

No engines huh? go figure. I’ll have to make another challenge and make sure it’s a requirement. I’ll have to come up with a ship to beat that. I think a modification of Berny’s Order ship could do it. I’ll get back with my results later.

a single scrambler and reflective shield, will render that ship useless

Well I finally beat Woden’s ship, it took a few tries. I needed 2 reflective shields and had to re-arrange my offensive armament. The cruiser (v6) still beat Maarek’s latest reply to me. I posted it to all retaliation 4587359.

The 2K is really gets edgy. My original problems with Woden’s cruiser was that my weapon’s had no effect on his shields, and eventually mine went before his. I have thought about putting a scrambler on mine but the price mean’s I have to lose a piece of offense. I could take my scrambler defense but then Maarek’s cruisers have a field day on mine.


Rock, Paper, Scissors! that is working for now. It takes about 4 tries with different ships to see which one wins.

My loadouts:

Imp: Lasers / shields

Fed: Rocket / Armor with a laser and shield for added fun

Rebels: armor or shields - cruiser lasers

Tribe: The tie breaker… autocannons and repairs

The rest I experiment. Most of my ships don’t need to be changed, I just choose a different one depending on the opponents loadout. So far there is no 1 super ship. There is still one Swarm that I’m working on. But that’s due to a big map.

I would like to work on a 3K challenge, but I know that the results will either mostly be a tie where none win, and the fight will just take too long.

There one thing I want to ask, are the Tribe’s armor repairs suppose to run out? Once the meeter drops, it doesn’t recharge, and in a long battle, the Tribe will lose.

Yep, they have a limited number of supplies available to them (the white bar), and once those supplies are used up it will no longer be able to repair. The same is true for all the repair systems in the game. That limitation is really there just to prevent repairing ships from dragging a battle on forever, and to prevent super repair/armor ships that can’t be killed.

mind you the tribe’s armour repair systems are effectively unlimited, esp w 2 of them. your/the enemy’s fleet will die long before you run out w the tribe

That’s simply not true, in an evenly matched battle a tribe fleet will lose from a shielded empire fleet due to supplies runningnout, I’ve had this happen several times now.

I posted a retaliation #4588729 as a response to this Challenge It defeats all the other entries that I can find. It’s an all-offense minimal defense approach.

hull = Federation Panther Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser_laser,
1 = cruiser_federation_beamlaser,
2 = cruiser_federation_beamlaser,
3 = cruiser_federation_beamlaser,
4 = cruiser shield reflective,
5 = cruiser_ecm shock,
6 = cruiser light plasma,
7 = cruiser light plasma,
8 = cruiser crew II,
9 = cruiser_engine,
10 =
11 = cruiser power III,
12 = cruiser power II,
13 = cruiser heavy plasma,
14 = cruiser heavy plasma,

if you armour spam/health spam, yeah, but i have never once had the tribe’s repair system run out. either the ship died, or i won. so no, its not unlimited, and the tribe is less than stellar at taking out the empire, but even so you should not be fighting an evenly matched battle in the first place. exploiting weaknesses FTW. besides the empire needs to spend a lot on AA, which is a huge disadvantage. my point though, was that in most battles, i.e. not the drawn out, protracted type, the tribe’s autorepair system usually will not run out of supplies before death or victory