[size=100]- A whole new campaign with 8 missions and a built in story line

  • 10+ new zombies each with a unique way of ruining your day
  • An array of non zombie enemies additions such as planetary defense cannons, asteroids and more
  • 4 survival missions with 1000+ zombies coming at you bro!
  • A completely NPC race which allows me to do some “clever things”
  • A challenge, I’m testing the missions as I make them and unless you know what you’re doing you’re not going to last long!
  • Enjoyment (Hopefully)!

This MOD requires nothing but a normal copy of GSB, no additional mod’s or DLC are required although they are recommended for a better more enjoyable experience!

Thank you to DarkStar for helping me with everything! And to Praetors for letting me use some of his sprites!

Pics if you want to see them! :http://s1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff367/Matt_Warnes/Zombie%20sneak/?albumview=slideshow

Download (PC):http://www.4shared.com/zip/Zm9V9qt-/ZombieV2.html
Download (MAC): COMING SOON!
[size=85]ITS FINALLY HERE the very first release of GSZS this version is just a very basic one the next version will feature many more different things such as new zombie types like ones that have swallowed parts of ships and different maps things etc!
So the first zombie is the average joe of zombies these guys are cloned freaks …(story next release) xD
Here’s the download:
Mediafire: http://www.4shared.com/zip/MgdkMdGO/zombies.html
A big thanks again to Darkstar for fixing my files, sorry about the wait guys!
Any criticism advice or additional things that you think would look cool just comment and I’ll try my best![/size]

LOL pretty fun for sure xD

I cant wait to kill some zombies damit… if u work hard on this, can be a serious funny mod. Imagine the zombie hunters with the turret over his shoulder, firing a bazooka toward the zombie… lol. The good thing is that this can be done.

Now, imagine Destiny- http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/4908/ftl.png in a battle with those zombies…

Dude, i want to see that in-game!! -.-

But be careful, they are space-zombies, no ordinary zombies…

I might just release it someday, when I am happy with how it looks and the amount of lag it generates with those fancy ftl’s (right now, it’s really bad)… dw, it can handle anything- I always make my modded ships wayy overpowered. It’s main Pentatonic cannons will pwn anything- even though it only has 2 of them.

You can also use fixed background scenarios with terrain and have ground troops and tanks blasting away at the zombies. And then there are the different types of zombies: the common infected, the tank, the spitter, etc.

Gratuitous Zombie Battles…lol I like it.

I already had ideas for different type’s does the name InFeCtEd PlAnEt give to mutch away :smiley: but first thingys first is “normal” Giant Space Zombies in “normal” space :smiley: More screenys http://img577.imageshack.us/g/2011041900005r.jpg/

OMGWTFBBQ! you gave them jetpacks! :open_mouth:

giant space zombies with JETPACKS! :smiley:

ROFLMAO!!, another “hull” of a zombie, one with a jetpack sketched and an engine glow like the jetpack thrust !! hahahaha… i need someone to start this mod plz…

What do you mean start it i am working on it should be released very soon!!!

Edit: Can some one tell me the basic mistakes not to make when making a new mission because im confudled here Dx!

did any one see my edit D:

Wat do u mean exactly?

The scenario.txt file?

Or the deployments folder??


When your trying to make your own new survival scenario, what mistakes can you make?! D: in the text file.

This is one of my Borg mod survival scenario files:

gui_id = 438
backdrop = “survivalborg1back.jpg”
icon = “survivalborg1icon.jpg”
name = “survivalborg1”
guiname = “U Will Be Assimilated”
mapsizex = 4000
mapsizey = 4000
player_deployment = 1500,900,2500,3200
ai_deployment = 100,100,3900,3900
starfield = 0
fleetcostlimit = 80000
pilotlimit = 100
enemyrace = Borg
shader = “data/shaders/nebulalightning.fx”
description = “No spatial anomalies”
size = “large”
type = “SURVIVAL”
asteroidcount = 80
asteroidtopx = 0.5
asteroidbottomx = 0.5
lightningintensity = 1.44
lightninginterval = 2600

0 = 2000,2000,1.4,survivalborg1clouds.png,0,0,0,1.0,1.0,10048,10048,1,0

0 = waveborg0.txt,1000,
1 = waveborg1.txt,1000
2 = waveborg2.txt,1100
3 = waveborg3.txt,1700
4 = waveborg4.txt,700
5 = waveborg5.txt,1000
6 = waveborg6.txt,700
7 = waveborg7.txt,1000

Do a copy/paste on your suvrival txt file, deleting the [terrain] line (as u will not use another layer)

U need to change the value of:

gui_id (i recommend u to put always very high values so u will never be pissed of with other scenarios)
backdrop (need to explain? lol)
icon (same?)
name (use the same name as the deployment survival folder)
guiname (here u can write watever u want)
enemyrace (your race)
shader (u can use shaders, u can try with the shaders that are located in the data/shaders dir of GSB)
description (i never changed this, i suposse there is no point…)

the last 5 lines of the first part are refering to the asteroid addon (if u use it) and the nebula lightning shader values.

in the [waves]part, just change the “borg” name to your race name or watever. Dont ask me wat is the purpose of the numbers after that, i never knew it (but i think it has something to do with the time the next wave shows up)

Now, in your deployments folder u need to have a folder called (the name of your survival scenario named before) and in that folder , as many txt files as waves (in this case 8). Every wave file need to be named exactly the same as the [waves] section of the scenario file.

Now u edit every wave txt file with a deployment of your choice.

Thats, it, i cant tell u anything more. There is not too many mistakes u can make, if u dont change something that u should not…

Okay thanks a bucket cookie for you :smiley:

For some reason i cannot make the damned survival scenario if anyone is willing to perhaps do it for me it would be much appreciated then i could cannibalise it for further survival missions!? plz help!

send me what you got and i can fix it for you :slight_smile:

Oh dam, wats the problem??

Ok thanks allot Darkstar!!!