The main problem was naming conventions with ship designs, directory structures, senario parameters and a few others which i fixed along the way . . (I think you would have picked them out yourself given the time)

Anyways, its all good now :slight_smile:

Thanks a load DarkstaR!!! its hard to find things when you dont know to look for them xD

So… are u planning to release a beta soon ^^ ??

Same question ^^

Hmm - i will be interested to know the answer of this question as well . .
Muhahahah >:)



Uhm yes as soon as i iron out some minor thingumys and balance them properly, ill save the next release for the other types of zombies!

heheh - i had wondered about that part. But you gotta admit that the zombies are effective :slight_smile:

They get knocked down - But they get up again ?
You’re never gonna keep them down
They get knocked down - But they get up again !
You’re never gonna destroy them all . .


Yer that wouldnt really work, but considering the amount of explosives and lasers you can fill them with, there’s not gunna be much to stand up after! xD

Ok so the download and things should be working now thanks to darkstar xD sorry about that guys!

No ones commented :(…

(cry’s in corner)

(Still crying :frowning: )

I have to do everything here? xP
Didn’t noticed the download lol, downloading, i will edit this post with the feedback ^^

Yay good ol reliable Praetors xD

Very good job!! xD. I never realized that the weight value affects the pushed distance of the ship xD no matter wat weapon u use. Wat about making a super boss?

Okay, here is my feedback…
The mod is AWESOME, really, the zombies, the suvirval map, the zombies, the music and… oh man the rocket zombies! Hahahaha

Very fun to play, the first time i tried with my favorite vainilla race, the Nomads.

When i saw the zombies aproaching a expected some kind of long range weapon, but when they were in range and they just keed the aproach my first thought was, oh man, if one of these reach my cruisers i’m pretty sure about the catastrophe that it will cause…
I was pretty surprised when one of my missiles just pushed the first zombie like a Gravatron missile to a frigate, after that, pretty enjoyed the killing…

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th without problems, Then I noticed the approaching catastrophe. But it was too late, the seeds of destruction had already been planted… my fleet almost reached the point were the zombies jump in… too bad… the 5th wave jumped and with extreme brutality obliterated my little fleet without problems…

After that, talking about a little vengance, equiped one Praetorian Ships with Arbalests and Ballistas. And 4 frigates with Idlesniper Missiles… Bwahahahaha
Started the suvirval and watched how the poor zombies were obliterated at extreme ranges… after several waves noticed that my frigates started to fly always around to the “jump in” point… great, easier to kill them… but when the next wave jumped in noticed that the flying patron of my 4 frigs was something pretty close to an big X (or +)… ohhh nonooono… F***…
Then the disaster, when the frigates started to shot, literally just launched enemies on the frigate at the opposite end of the X inmediatelly causing the destruction of 3 frigates, as final touch, the last frigate carries out his lasts shots, making the only thing missing … launch 4 or 5 zombies over cruiser… oh yeah, they just obliterated the undefended cruiser in seconds…

Idk if i’m wrong, but after those tests i noticed that the extreme light weight and the knockbacks actually upgraded your zombies with more unpredictability, and in some cases, more effective counterattacks… the usage of keep moving orders is extremely questionable and not recommended, the best tactic is formation orders on ships equiped with a mix of long range weapons and fast shotting weapons.

BUT the most important thing here, is the Swipe, something like this is one of the ideas that i had for “The Plague”, since they will be insects i wanted both swarms of little insects with melee weapons and big insects with extreme defenses… this mod, the zombies mod, just proved to me that the first type of insects CAN be possible :smiley:

Thanks to the innovation that is Zombies Mod, i say thank you, Cptfox for the huge numbre of ideas that i’m writting right now on my to do list :smiley:

Oh, but he has only just started.
I wish i could say more but i signed a non disclosure agreement earlier . . .


Using the borg plasma pulse + 2 hyper tractors i dont let any zombie to get close to any of my borg ships -.- a long range weapon should be great, maybe a radiation spit???