3 way dilemmas

Its silly really, but despite having support for it, we never had 3 way dilemmas in the old Democracy games, but there will be some in Democracy4, and I’m sure modders will enjoy the functionality :smiley:

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Very cool :smiley:

Dilemma shouldn’t repeat, unless dilemma appears modified, so you can revert or pick other option.
So dilemma can be 1, 2…
So if you picked 1st option before you can’t chose it.
You can do nothing or pick another option.

Dilemmas are one-offs, they cannot be retriggered during a game, although events are different and can be, so you only get one shot at picking an answer for each dilemma :smiley:

So essentially they are ingame flavouring of country, just like there are country overrides on game start.

Is there achievement for triggering all dilemmas during country play?
That is you would get them all by running entire squares and zigzagging in political compass :smiley:

i dont think its even possible to get them all in one country, because some have exclusions. if they mention a royal family they are locked to coutnries with one, or if they mention a coastal event, you need a coast and so-on.