30July Patch-Export Custom Game Settings

Can’t save (export) custom settings

For example: use title “MyTitle”
Enter Title and Description, hit “save”
get error message:

Can not find a part of path … BigPharma\Maps\MyTitle.map

perhaps this should be filed under “bug” threads…i’m not sure

Is this the exact title that you used? I can’t reproduce this at my end, it might be some kind of administrative rights issue.

Are you able to save games without a problem?

Pretty sure that was the exact title, and IIRC, “description” was used in the “description” field.
However, it is working fine for me today. That error in original post was real though.

And now, I can’t “overwrite” an existing “Custom Game Setting”… the dialog comes up (if I’m using the same Title) but I only see the warning and the “X” to cancel…
no way to confirm overwrite.

By the sound of it, the issue is that there isn’t a “Maps” folder.

Go to “…/Documents/My Games/Big Pharma/” and create a new folder named “Maps”
That should fix your problems.

Edit: I should read more -cough- … apparently it fixed itself. But anyway, that stuff above is the cause (and fix) of the issue. I can’t help you with the inability to overwrite custom games, though. Have not encountered that personally.

@TwiceCircled - A fix for this would be to automatically create a folder if the game cannot find a path to the default folder (maybe with a prompt asking the player if they are alright with the game doing that)

Thank you Calix, I will do this.

And SCHMID6SIG the no overwrite thing sounds like a bug. I will add it to my list.