4 players, 8 players, etc. hotseat mode.

I am wondering if you can make a multiplayer hot-seat mode game type, where you can have different kinds of battles, like:

Free For All
Rabbit mode ( basically 1 versus all. The one gets a big boost to resources and pilots though.)
Defend the Station
Wave mode ( basically, when you lose your whole fleet, you send in the next wave of ships with same deployment orders and locations, basically they just warp in and start where your last fleet left off.

Maybe in a later version of the game, you can include such battles? It would be much more fun and add infinite amounts of replay value to the game, since you can basically make your own scenarios now. I am not sure if you can have more than two opposing sides at the moment, but maybe eventually we can have up to 8 sides?

Edit: not to mention, it would be fun to see teams of mixed races against each-other. :smiley:

that would be classified… as an AWESOME IEDA!!! HELL YES PUT IT IN!!! >:D