61% - Game Over?

Just played some round as USA and this was my last voting result:

Why do I have to retire with 61%?

Also I think something seems to be bugged with activists. I got arount 97% of votes during my first two terms because the other party has zero activists. With Germany I have a savegame where I get constant 90% without doing anything and that forever and ever and ever :smiley:

Term Limits!
If you play the US, by default you only have the option to play 2 terms, but you can change/disable that at the start of the game.
The next build of the game is going to change the difficulty, but in the meantime Iā€™d suggest trying with a higher difficulty setting.

Oh totaly forgot about that. Then its all fine.

Yes I will try with a harder difficulty. On my first two playthroughs I think it was too easy to push health and GDP and with that all went fine nearly on its own.

But I really love that game and the new UI is brilliant, nice work! :slight_smile: