64 Bracket Single Elimination Tournament?

I would like to join BUT I will not have ANY download content that is officail untill the 20th, and I’m not sure my Federaration designs will play out against the others. (well I have to remake a lot of mine since in my modding I deleted them already and not sure if i backed them up beforehand. >.<)

I’ve used plenty of Federation fleets in SAC-1. They can compete effectively.

I welcome you to submit an entry and, as I said before, if you need logistical assistance when playing against a DLC race you don’t have. I could run your fleet for you if you want.

Do it! Enter a fed fleet. I was pondering entering a fleet for each race myself.

Ok How do i enter one? I will make one and see how bad i do LOL

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(I know its not my movie quote but oh well!)

The procedure is here viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4738

Ok Sweet, I have a few questions, I have a Fleet BUT it is only 3 credits over will that be allowable?
Also Will you be allowed to have ONLY one ship without engines??

I think I have a fleet setup, And One in backup IF one ship without engines is allowed, and one more in the works If not allowed for the other two!!

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So now that I have a fleet, what do I have to do to have it consider entered?

ok nevermind I remade it under 300, But my one ship without engine question still stands!!

Engines are required.

Oh I can send more than one fleet? That’s nice I might send a few experimental fleet that doesn’t involve tribe.

Aw Even just ONE ship without engines? I do not want my carrier cruiser barging forward into the line of fire and getting dystoryed like it will if it have engines.

Lone Starr

Give it orders to engage cruisers and frigates at a range of 2000.

Ah yea never thought of that one thanks!

Do we send the entry to you first, and then make them public after all entries are received? It will remove the disadvantage for those who enter first.

That’s a good idea. Anyone who wants can make their challenge privately to me before 8/20, and then publicly post it after 8/20 but before the bracket is posted on 8/22.

My first fleet entry is up: challenge ID #4609253, Tournament-1-Artos-1

I have the deployment saved, of course, do I just PM that to the organizer?

I would only need your deployment and ship files if there is a split decision in a challenge where both entrants say they won or if you need help fighting a challenge against a DLC race that you don’t own.
I’ll do the seeding against your posted challenge.

Okay - mine is posted to follick directly.


Have fun.

Lol I send 4.


Edit: Slightly modified for efficiency.