80% in PC Gamer

Democracy 2 just got reviewed in the UK’s PC Gamer magazine and scored 80%, it’s a glowing review too, and I’m very pleased. Hurrah!

Well done! \o/

Any chance to have a link/scan/report of the test to know what is in, for us non-UK residents (or at least those who cannot get their hands on a paper version of PC gamer)?

I’m not sure they let you do that, and obviously I’m keeping in with them :smiley:, but they put their reviews up on their website at some point, so I’ll link to it.

And a slightly worse score :frowning: from eurogamer:
But they seemed to like it.

I like their percentage skew better than that used by most game magazines, where 70% is already a sign of poor coding, and 60% means the developer eats kittens for lunch. Still…it does seem low to me, even making allowances.

This is probably because reviewers tend to be seduced by pretty graphics, rather than deep gameplay, see Crysis et al. for examples.

Some are, and some aren’t, it often depends on how old the reviewer is :smiley: Some just can’t imagine a time before games had bump mapping :smiley:

Young’uns these days! Why, I remember when all we had was a few random pixels moving from side to side, and we were happy with it!

Seriously, though, I often think along these lines, and I’m only a teenager! Shows how fast computer technology is advancing…

Anyways, good news on the reviews!

at this point…
any review is a good review :slight_smile:

we need to get your name out there!