9 minutes and counting

I’m facing Yurch’s Imperial shield support beam fleet with my Imperial shield support beam fleet.


Oh hey, it just finished. I got a bit distracted in the 12 minutes and 12 seconds from when I started timing it.

It took 4 minutes and 32 seconds from when I started timing it for a single frigate to die. It took another minute and 57 seconds for a second and third to die.

foams at mouth, bites chair

Edit: Keep in mind to multiply all those times by 4. I was on the fastest speed setting the whole time. So it would’ve taken 48 minutes and 48 seconds, with 18 minutes to the first frigate casualty.

holy -blam-!

and i thought EVE Online Alliance Tournament was bad enough with spider tanking remote repair/transfer fleets… :smiley:
i guess now its incredibly easy to make a invunerable fleet, and you need specific anti-frig and/or shield disruption… but hey,Cliff will balance it soon enough so hang in tight

Barring a more permanent balancing, increased max speed for the moment would be nice :3

My imperial fleet took out Yurch’s in about 3 and a half minutes. The game actually ended with him still at 43% and I took it any how.
I always found disruptor missiles too short legged to be of use - but now that a frigate can fall under shield support. In the hands of the Imperials it can be a massive leg up or neutralizer of the ISSB.

Honestly - in my mixed Cruiser/frigate fleets I usually have a frigate who just spews up EMP and disruptors. Maybe I am just hoping for a lucky break?

I haven’t tried it - but maybe a frigate spam that slide’s under shields? At least they’re exploding carcasses can do some shockwave damage…


There’s some sort of timer for fleets that aren’t doing damage to one another, I think.

My internal version of that fleet is now armed with disruptor bombs for attacking other SSB setups. The decreased effectiveness doesn’t seem to matter much when the biggest killer of crew members is old age.

Use fighters.
That is the counter to frigates with shield support beams. It works really well. Don’t target the reinforced, target the reinforcers.

I think Yurch’s version of SSB the best overall version so far. Correct me if I am wrong but fighters alone can’t beat that.

A specialized fleet with laser frigate/disruptor bomb frigate/rocket fighters seem to do the trick, but that’s the only counter I found so far.

If anyone can beat an Imperial Shield Support Beam fleet on SAC-1 without using shield support beams, please post it as a retaliation to prove it.

what is the code for this particular challange)?
(I want to make sure i get the right one)

If you are referring to Yurch’s version (4590783), I have posted 4590901. How do I make a retaliation public though?

If you are referring to another version, please give number.

Follick beat an early one by using a fleet comprised entirely of multiwarhead missiles set to cooperate fire on a single target. The SSB modules couldn’t distribute energy to that single target fast enough.

My version of the fleet could easily be improved a fair deal. It’s not very fast and doesn’t have much AA - the expensive armored cruisers were derived from another challenge and aren’t all that necessary.

You change the name the retaliation is addressed to to “all” (lower case without the quotation marks)

The key is to generate a damage burst high enough to completely take down the target’s shields in a single shot so the ISSB network can’t reinforce it. This is also possible though difficult to do with CL spam. Some good challenges to test ISSB fleets against are SAC-25 4579311 and SAC-10(Hexes) 4578680

DrBenway and Berny defeated my posted ISSB fleet with pure fighter fleets and mart3333 did it with a MWM spam fleet which preferentially attacks frigates. I have since upgraded the AA on my fleet and added some GSB’s to compensate.

My post is probably unnecessary, but it took me a few minutes to work out all those acronyms.
So i thought i should post this quick reference guide to help anyone else that is following this thread

ISSB / SSB - Imperial Shield Support Beam, new frigate weapon that reinforces shields.
CL - Cruiser Laser, Short range weapon with a rapid rate of fire which is excelent against shields.
SAC - Serial Attack Challenge, follow this link for a better discription (viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4392)
MWM - Multi Warhead Missiles, A missile that breaks into 4 seperate live munitions
AA - Anti Aircraft . . but in this case its refering to pesky fighters

:slight_smile: OK I’ll try to keep the acronyms to a minimum.

Nah, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:
I recon that I am the only one that was having trouble working out that they were. I should spend more time PLAYING the game rather than modding it.

doesnt MWM have 5 warheads?

also,dark,you have an obligation to PLAY GSB today instead of modding… you need to know how the stuff actually feels when you put it in :stuck_out_tongue:

I will. I’ll experiment with some suitable nerfage.

Yes. That gives them an advantage where all incoming missiles have to be shot down to avoid receiving damage rather than shooting down the one real missile amidst all of the decoys. With one of those multi-warhead missiles there are no decoys. Just swarms of damage dealing missiles. :smiley: