A better way to redownload the exe

I lost mine a while ago, asked on the forum if I could get it back, then lost the internet for a while, and didn’t see if I got it back. I’m wondering if we could get a way to get the exe again without having to come here and get it down manually on a case by case basis. If not, can I at least get mine back?

I’m not sure what you mean, the download link sent to you when you buy the game is still valid. If you need to re-download the latest copy of the game, you can re-use that original link. It’s always updated t be the very latest version

I believe I’ve lost that link. I still have my code saved on my desktop, but I can’t find the link in any of my email accounts.

You need to email me (cliff@positech.co.uk) with your email address you used to buy the game, if you bought it direct. if you got it through Impulse, you need to email hem to get it resent.