A bunch of thoughts and suggestions

Suggestion: Defects should always be ‘fixed’ by the Reworks slot. It seems weird the Rework Slot workers would let a car leave the slot with an unfixed, known defect.

If the repair/fix is failed, the task time is instantly refreshed and completes an additional cycle, costing more more money and parts*.

*If there is a defect in a part, that part must/should/might need to be replaced. That part should be requested on the Resource Network. I don’t think the slot needs a stock component, but maybe it does?

- Bug?: I can’t drag straight Resource Conveyor line through the center of multiple slots. When I do, it creates a forces the line to one side of the Slot center or the other, along the line, then back to end square I want to end on. If I click individually I can place the resource lines through the center of Slots.

- Suggestion: Need a way to cancel a click drag of Resource Conveyor or Conveyor. If I start to build a Conveyor and change my mind, I cancel the build/purchase. I now have to drag back to the spot I started the click/drag on and build a single space, then Demolish the space I was forced to buy.

- Suggestion: I would like to be able to hold Ctl and click Buy All for upgrades and bypass the “Are you sure?” dialog. When I expand just a couple of new slots, it takes forever to do all the upgrades. This would help!

- Suggestion: Late game facilities. Once everything is researched, all there is to build is the Marketing and you can easily overdue how many Ideas you have.

- Suggestion: When clicking on a vehicle it displays the Vehicle Details. It would be helpful to see what slot the vehicle is heading to/needs next.

- Bug?: I use Conveyor loops where cars loop around a conveyor until there is a free slot. This doesn’t work as I would expect. I would assume that if a car reaches a junction where it could go straight and continue around the loop, or turn left into an empty slot (the next it needs), it would turn into the slot. This isn’t what happens. The car will often go straight around the loop. In fact, I disconnected the loop from receiving new cars and there are about twenty cars that NEVER turn into their next slot, but they just circle endlessly around the loop. (I have a save of this, if that’s useful)

Why do I use loops? I want better control over the distribution of cars into slots. I think the default behavior for Conveyors should equally distribute vehicles through all junction exits. A default three exit Conveyor should follow the pattern LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, etc. That is easy to understand/anticipate/plan for. I think the junctions are trying to auto-optimize, but that should be either an option for each junction or perhaps an upgrade for them.

- Suggestion: I would like more control over what resource is imported where. What if all Stockpiles could be assigned an Resource Importer? If I have a Resource Importer that isn’t importing much, it would helpful to have it fill Stockpiles that aren’t near it. I’m not sure how to meet resource demands with a condensed factory. This would give me some additional stock control. So Stockpiles would default to Closest Resource Importer, but could be independently set if desired.

In fact, I’d like to control the Slot stockpiles too. I want to tell the Slot stockpile what to stock, and from which Resource Importer. I want a Fit Wheels Slot that stocks only Gold Wheels that I can send only cars that need Gold Wheels using a Smart Conveyor. Currently if I build a Fit Wheels Slot, upgrade only the Gold Wheels Upgrade and connect to the Resource Network, all while paused. When I unpause, all the Slot’s stockpile spaces are feels with default wheels.

- Suggestion: Need to add Conveyor blueprints. It’s hard to blueprint when my Conveyor layout has to be mental.

- Bug?: The ‘New’ flag seems to be removed only when there is an instance of the item built. If you finish all the research and delete all the Research Offices, the red ‘New’ flag returns to the build list. I would expect them to disappear for the length of the game once SEEN, or at minimum, once built for the FIRST time.

- Suggestion: It seems weird to me that a major car manufacturing plant sells directly to customers, and the current Showroom/Market doesn’t seem very effective or useful to me. I basically ignore it all and just make sure cars sell immediately and that I’m making money. (Note in the image there are 3 cars in the showroom, $20MM in the bank, and production vs customers are not near optimized)

Instead of direct customers, what if we sold to Dealerships. The Dealerships would place orders for X number of vehicles from each of the models you sell. It would be expected that you would fulfill the order within a certain amount of time. That way you need to care about how many of each model you produce. The Showroom would really be just a car stock, with a reasonably high limit to the total car stock size.

If you then change the time flow to function faster. Every year, all previous year models lose value. This punishes overproducing. Thus creating the challenge of balancing supply and demand. I also like the yearly cycle as the time to change models. “The new 2019 Mid-Range Sedan now have Air Conditioning and Anti-lock Brakes!”

You could also have custom one-of orders. A non-standard model. They pay more, with faster fulfillment times.

Okay, that was a lot. READ: I really like this game! (I had a couple more images, but could only post one…)

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this. and being able to move existing stations to blueprint locations would be SO great

Suggestion: When you research something new, like Gold Wheels, and you Upgrade all Slots, the Stockpiles that are copied from the Fit Wheel slot are not also updated to the new requirements of the slot. Maybe an option to Update stockpiles, or to have them check the slot they are linked to so they update automatically?

that would definitely help :smiley:

Just drag outside the factory to cancel the conveyor purchase.

As i recall a right click also does this (or the escape key)

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Suggestion: Be able to move conveyors once placed and bought. Single click to move 1 piece or hold a hot key, such as ctrl, and click 2 points to move sections. Its a waste to have to destroy and buy new conveyor when you want to move something.

I’m not sure about this TBH. I can see how its annoying to lose money and spend it in order to move conveyors but… there has to be somepenalty for re-arranging the factory, as we already allow this to be instant with no actual cost, whereas in reality you would need some construction staff to spend time moving big lumps of metal around…
Plus you can reduce the cost of this by researching retooling :smiley:

I am into only about 24 hours of gameplay so far, it’s a great game, and well created; thank you :smiley:
(while I am certain that, after sufficient time, it becomes second nature to locate a specific blueprint)
Suggestion - A seek/find/search text entry field, maybe at the top, for all blueprints containing text “seat” would be very helpful, rather than opening file explorer “+” icons each time I want to, say, add another “Make seats” and can’t recall it’s within “Fit Accessories - Fit Seats” ?
I agree with @Delta041 re their #11 suggestion from (Game improvements :)), the ability to send cars missing features back to be fixed, particularly given the idea of a penalty cost to do so, or maybe @GenBOOM 's point re recycling a car for parts (3 fundamental gameplay issues and suggestions for solutions)

Yes, I should add a search facility at some point. its probably quite easy to do, to be honest with you the deciding where to put a search bar, coding the location and reading the input from it is way mroe work than coding the search :smiley: I guess I also need to then center the screen on the resault and highlight it, but actually I already have code for that.

I’ll add it to my todo list.

I think it would be useful to:

  1. Click on your car on the Showroom Market grid, and be taken right to the design page for that car.

  2. When you click on an item in the research queue, you are taken to that item on the research tree. (Presumably, to click on “Research Now”, to move it to the top of the queue, more quickly.)

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Thanks for these ideas, thoughts on GUI optimisation are always super welcome

I’ll implement the first idea now, although TBH it will have to be ‘the first car in that group’ because its possible the player has >1 mid-price sedan for example.

Regarding 2, I have plans to make it possible to drag and drop research queue items soon…

Ok first one will be in the next update.