A bunch of thoughts and suggestions

I am into only about 24 hours of gameplay so far, it’s a great game, and well created; thank you :smiley:
(while I am certain that, after sufficient time, it becomes second nature to locate a specific blueprint)
Suggestion - A seek/find/search text entry field, maybe at the top, for all blueprints containing text “seat” would be very helpful, rather than opening file explorer “+” icons each time I want to, say, add another “Make seats” and can’t recall it’s within “Fit Accessories - Fit Seats” ?
I agree with @Delta041 re their #11 suggestion from (Game improvements :)), the ability to send cars missing features back to be fixed, particularly given the idea of a penalty cost to do so, or maybe @GenBOOM 's point re recycling a car for parts (3 fundamental gameplay issues and suggestions for solutions)