A Button that can remove all cars on the production Line

Add a button on the Bottom right of the screen.the picture would look like a car with an X on it.the function will be removing all cars on the production line

In what scenario would this happen in real life?

I don’t see how this would be required, can you explain what you’d need this for?

Whats the benefit of being able to remove all the cars? Surely that just leads to a massive loss due to you having outgoings tied up in the cars that have just been lost?

If i want to remove an old line i start from the beginning and remove the stations after the last car leaves that station. That way i only lose a bit of resources on the stockpile.

Any stock left over when a production unit is demolished is now fully refunded as of 1.38

Good to know :slight_smile:
Still getting to grips with the intricacies of this amazing game