A Cause Worth Fighting For: Union's story

My work has attracted more attention than I ever expected: And the feedback has been nothing but positive. You all have my sincere thanks and gratitude for your responses, praise and most of all patience.

Listed here are links to every Union story I’ve written, in proper order Including proper titles.

Any new stories will be posted here as WELL as in the Union thread. Comments are welcome and encouraged as always

Chapters 1-5: Union’s Revelation

Chapter 6: A moment’s Peace

Chapter 7: The discovery of Praetorian Industries

Chapter 8: The Coalition’s REAL goals

Chapter 9: The Salvation of Archduke Volodymyr

Chapter 10: Nobody’s Perfect

Chapter 11: The Calm Before the Storm

A simple but very good idea, expecting epicness, as always. ;D

This is some of the best writing I have seen in years. I usually don’t enjoy reading but I simply can’t tear myself away from your work, you are a truly talented writer. I feel like me reading a screenplay for a sci-fi saga that could rival Star Trek, or Star Wars. Keep up the completely unbelievable work.

I’m lost here, what’s the Union?


Keep in mind it’s 5:33AM here, so I might have a slight amount of temporary memory loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=120]Unity Vs Union:[/size]
For every Yin there is a Yang . .

" . . . The the combined technologies of our alliance we have developed the most powerful ships and technologies the galaxy has ever known, and we will need every scrap of that to defeat Unity . . "
From one of the awesome Stories written by Cen2050

No matter where you look, for every Hero there is a Villian - and for a time Uni-T ran unchecked across the cosmos. Until now.
Cen2050 has not only provided the GSB Community with that Hero but has also included an epic saga to go with it !

[size=120]Union v1.0[/size]

“… to the intellignce commanding Unity I have only this to say: go back to the trash heap you crawled out of or we will blast you back ourselves!”
- Admiral Robert Bianco

The Union Resistance Coalition (or more simply Union): is a collection of beings from all the major races of the war so far that have banded together to defeat Uni-T. Everyone in Union has been branded an outlaw, traitor and deserter because they have not only abandoned their home races or territories but are (according to their former commanders) cavorting with enemy species. It is because of this UNION of science, technology and thinking that the union has assembled a fleet of ships, weapons, and technologies beyond anything the galaxy has ever known.

Lead by plucky and daring Admirals Robert “Bob” Bianco and Andrew Smith, the Union is the only hope the galaxy has of defeating the Uni-T threat. This coalition of Federation, Empire, Rebels, Alliance, Tribe, Order and even Swarm beings is proof that absolutely ANYTHING is possible…even a lasting peace.

This mod you give you access to powerful new hulls and 2 new classes of turrets Siege and MOAT so wipe the threat of Unity from the Galaxy Forever:

Union Mod v1.12 - by Cen2050

you put a lot of work into that promo, its almost like you’re part of the production team (of the mod)

that or this is all form the topic which i haven’t looked at since i downloaded the mod…

Cen owns the “Union” mod and Darkstar owns the Uni-T. :stuck_out_tongue:

this i know