A couple links for today

As usual, played a bit today, here are a few links I think should exist/change:

-Link obesity to productivity. Call me insensitive, but fat people run out of energy quickly, this impacts productivity in the work place.
-Link tobacco usage to productivity. “Smoke break!”
-Add a small link between clean energy subsidy and unemployment. Somebody is getting paid to install stuff.
-The link between gig economy and trade union membership is too strong. It has more impact that entire industries being privatized or nationalized.
-Trade unionist opinion should be impacted by funding for major programs like health care and education.

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If state members are pleased, so trade unionists!

Obesity → lower health → lower productivity

So, check for indirect effects before you recommend direct ones. There are a lot of substantial indirect effects in the game.

  • Google generally agrees that smokers are less productive because of the smoke breaks. So, yes, this should be modeled.
  • There are a lot of small unemployment effects not modeled in the game. This isn’t the biggest.
  • The gig economy represents the entire private sector, which is going to be larger than everything you could nationalize. So, the magnitude of this effect seems fine.
  • It doesn’t really make sense to me, that state energy, water, rail, telecoms increase unions, but not schools and health service. A State is at liberty to allow or disallow unions in any of these industries.
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What percentage of fat people get tired quickly? What percentage of fat people make up the pop? By how much does production fall if those fat people leave? Multiply those three, get the percentage value, stick it into D4.