A couple of questions

Hey, I’m wondering about a few things about the recent developed “Democracy 2”.

*Is it possible to collectivize the means of production in any sense? (nationalize key industries or abolish the employer’s right to distribute the working conditions of the wage-earners, in which they would direct the workplace themselves.

*Is it possible to control how many percents the citizens have to pay in taxes, for each income group? (i.e. decide that citizens with a monthly income of $10,000 should pay 30%, while having wealthier individuals pay a bigger share, or the other way around!) Instead of just raising it “HIGH” or “LOW”, which is completely vague.
I don’t see no options for this in the demo.

It’d furthermore be fun if tax evation was possible to fight by inventing new security measures, but I guess that could be made available by modding.

Hi, there are not nationalisation options yet, although several people are discussing modding them. Income tax is presumed to be a progressive tax. There is a luxury goods tax and also a tax shelters policy if you want to go for a more or less regressive system, but there is not a flat-rate tax in the game at the moment.