A Democracy Wiki?

Should we have a Democracy Wiki?

  • Yes, and I will contribute often
  • Yes, and I will contribute occasionally
  • Yes, and I may contribute
  • I will only read it
  • No, I don’t want a Democracy wiki

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I was looking at the Wikia website today, and I am now asking, should we have a Democracy wiki?

A Democracy Wiki will allow the Dem1 and 2 modding communities to have a different place to advertise and store there mods.

It will also allow us to post hints, tips, etc, and take a LOT of the strain off the forums, especially when it comes to basic support, mod help, etc.

Naturally, for a wiki, we need contributers-if I get a decent amount of votes in the below poll (as well as enough support from users-)I may make a move for a Democracy wiki on Wikia.

BTW-Wikia gives out wikis to a huge number of topics-and Democracy should make the cut.

Im posting this on both the Dem1 and 2 forums so the whole community gets a say-not just one half of it.


I absolutely agree with this. As a Wiki contributor elsewhere on the nets, I’d be happy to contribute.

The great thing about Democracy 2, though, is that it’s a comprehensive database in itself, as well as a game. It has an enormous amount of content that you might just risk replicating in any Wiki. Unless, as you suggest, the Wiki would focus primarily on the area of modding and not gameplay, natch.

The Wiki will focus mostly on the areas of modding, but there will be some gameplay guides\hints.

Thanks to all that have voted. When I get ten votes, and confirmation from Cliff (this is his IP remember) and see how the support goes, ill put in a app for Wikia.

I’ve got no problem with a wiki. It’s a good idea.

I have just posted the request-its New Year so it might take a while to be validated.

Once that is done, ill post a (temp) page on the Wiki that will have what I think should be done first. I’m on holidays, so ill easly be able to get our wiki started well.

Link to submission page: requests.wikia.com/wiki/Democracygame

I see that this has now been approved: democracygame.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page