A Democracy Wiki?

Should we have a Democracy Wiki?

  • Yes, and I will contribute often
  • Yes, and I will contribute occasionally
  • Yes, and I may contribute
  • I will only read it
  • No, I don’t want a Democracy wiki

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I was looking at the Wikia website today, and I am now asking, should we have a Democracy wiki?

A Democracy Wiki will allow the Dem1 and 2 modding communities to have a different place to advertise and store there mods.

It will also allow us to post hints, tips, etc, and take a LOT of the strain off the forums, especially when it comes to basic support, mod help, etc.

Naturally, for a wiki, we need contributers-if I get a decent amount of votes in the below poll (as well as enough support from users-)I may make a move for a Democracy wiki on Wikia.

BTW-Wikia gives out wikis to a huge number of topics-and Democracy should make the cut.

Im posting this on both the Dem1 and 2 forums so the whole community gets a say-not just one half of it.