A few minor graphical bugs

These are all relatively minor, and don’t seem to really affect gameplay, so I feel a little nitpick-y pointing them out in a game I’m enjoying, but I figured they may be useful notes in the Beta:

  • When you click on ‘view all friends’, the mutual friends breakdown doesn’t seem to work. For all characters, the list of mutual friends is just a list of my friends, and doesn’t reflect whether the NPC is friends with them or not.
  • On the event categories, ‘Other Solo Events’ states actions in that group are ‘1 - 3 Actions’. However, ‘Take a Walk Around The Station’ is in this group, and requires 5 actions.
  • Creds don’t always seem to show up correctly once you have 5 figures on the main UI (next to where social score is stated, and above happinnes and health). Currently, it is showing only the first 4 figures, though the full number is correctly stated in the tooltip if I hover over it.

I will add others if I spot them, and thanks for the great game.

Thanks for reporting these!