a few policy ideas

  1. war tax - a tax on people during war times
  2. sexual education
  3. criminal rehab - rehab over crimal sentistes
  4. drug rehab
  5. drug discouraging
  6. pet tax
  7. AOC laws
  8. driving laws
  9. car banning
  10. non-environmentally safe car banning
  11. “max income” a income preventing people from going over a certen income
  12. “min income” into policy
  13. propaganda
  14. “Political” classes in school.
  15. movie ratings
  16. non-animal testing hospital research
  17. copyright laws
  18. elertric currency\
  19. free psycocogy

As for your ‘movie ratings’ policy I have already created a ‘Video Game Censorship’ policy.

They are nice ideas though (although there could be a problem with ‘war tax’-how do you decide when it is war time?)

like that event were that island iscaptured.

Yeah I like some of those :slight_smile: I’d download them if someone did them.

I don’t know of a way to tie events into a raise in taxes-sorry.

I might just make an ‘army tax.’