A few questions from someone new to GTB.

  1. Can I delete all the units that came with the game originally? I find after one playthrough I’d like all the units to be just ones I created. And all use a naming scheme and description that lets me tell what they do.

  2. One feature I like in games now a days is a clock so I don’t lose track of time (as I did last night while fiddling with this game). Is there a clock feature I can turn on?

I guess it’s just those two questions.

There is not currently a clock in the game, although it should cop with alt+tab (even during battle) on most PCs.

As I recall you should be fine deleting all the default units, but what you may prefer to do is make use of ‘divisions’. Click the button in the middle of the deployment bar and you can set up groups of units you can cycle through using the tab key.
You can leave all the default units in the ‘all’ division, and then just select a second division with your new units in, that way you haven’t lost anything.

One more quick question. Is there a list of the default units basic stats anywhere? A wiki, or roster or list that I could look at for comparison?

Not yet, not a bad idea though :smiley:

If you look at the default units in the unit editor, you can see most of their important stats at the bottom center of the screen. I certainly used that a lot to get a grip on how good the various units were (although to be honest you get a more helpful feel for them just by placing them in lots of battles :D)