A few questions

It seems to be possible to accumulate so many skills that you can’t see new ones. Is this a bug?

How do you get your IQ to a high level? It seems impossible.

[size=75][color=brown]I’m not sure about your first question, however, it is most definitely possible to raise your IQ to a high level. Try playing video games, reading IQ books, watching the news, doing crosswords, or socializing with friends who are intellectual. (You can see if they are by double clicking their face and clicking “Personality” in the pop-up box.)

I may be wrong, this is just from my experience.[/size]

Probabally needs a scroll button :wink:

Although in real life, you’d probabally leave school with a few skills

Although that might be what the ‘cheat’ text file is for :wink:

Thanks Saphira. I’ve tried doing all those things. When I do, I get +1 or +2 next to my IQ but the percentage doesn’t actually rise.

Another bug is that “Advanced Botany” seems to require “Advanced Botany”

I’ve not fathomed the cheat text file yet. How do you use it?

In the game I’m currently in I’m having the same problem with IQ not increasing. It’s hit 60% and won’t go any further. When I do an activity that should increase IQ I get the indicator next to my stats but the percentage doesn’t increase.

So much for my career as a molecular biologist :stuck_out_tongue:

Is Cliff aware of this? I’m happy to help track it down if needed.

Hi, its not explained very well probably, but if you click on IQ or on Culture, youll see the different ‘branches’ that compose those stats. There is no single ‘IQ’ or ‘Culture’ stat in the game, they have different bits, each raised in different was (as outlined above). This was so you cant just play video games and become an intellectual without having ever watched the news or read a book.

Thanks for that.

That makes life much easier

Will you make it so I can see all the skills I’ve accumulated?

yes I’ll have to think of some cunning fix for that…

That’s great. Have you come across the advanced botany bug before?

thats a typo on my part, will be fixed in the next patch. I might take a little time over the next pathc so I get to add some new stuff too.