A Few Questions

Hello All.

I just ‘discovered’ this game today; don’t know how it went under my radar, but whatever.
I felt like playing Kudos 2 again, so went to the Positech website and there was Redshirt. ‘What’s this?’
I was very delighted when I watched the trailer and a dev video and especially since I’ve been feeling like playing a Kudos-like game.

Is there a definitive ending? Or can you continue on after ‘completion?’

What is the difficulty of the game? Is it scaleable? (I generally like hard games lol)

I see the newest beta is 0.4; does this mean the game is estimated at 40% complete?
My understanding was that it was nearly finished, am I wrong? Or am I just reading too far into the numbers?

A short period into my game I see that ‘something’ happens in 180 days.
(Without spoilers please) Will that be the end of the game? Can I continue past that point?

EDIT: I’ve now purchased the game! (Borrowed from my mom, lol)
(Edited questions since I’ve been playing the game more, and have become more familiar with it.)

Thanks for any response, Vince

Hello! Thanks for the questions. Answers below:

That is indeed the hard limit of the game, but because of the nature of the game, it’s definitely replayable!

This is a difficult question for this type of game I think – it’s as hard as you choose to make it, I think. :wink:

It is indeed nearly finished, except for extra content, and of course, bug-fixing. So no, don’t read too much into the numbers. :slight_smile:

Hurrah, thank you! Also, I answered your questions in the other thread(s). :slight_smile: