A few requests

First, I have a request regarding auto-save. Could you please make it more subtle? Like showing a small box with a progress bar at the top of the screen. These constant flashing screens are very unpleasant.

Another request has to do with sound. There is a constant humming sound in the background. I suppose that it’s meant to give the game a factory feel. However, if you’re sensitive to sound, then that can be very annoying. It’s just that one particular sound. The other ones don’t bother me that much. Could you add an option to the game with which it can be turned off? That would be awesome!

When upgrades become available, a Choose button appears. What I would like is that if all available upgrades are installed, and no more upgrades are available, this button is either removed or grayed out.

I agree with the autosave. It could be a bit less in your face.
Can’t hear the hum you speak off unless I crank up the volume to a level where I pop my eardrums if I place a station.

It would be nice if, on clicking the Choose button to bring up a list of upgrades, we can then check several upgrades and click a button Apply, which implements all selected upgrades at once.

hi all

i agree with Angel there needs to be a check box for upgrades so you do not have to go back in to add upgrades.

also need to change drive shafts to gearboxes auto or manual and a different price for both.
you could research them and add 3 speed or 5


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