A few simple ideas

First and foremost, thank you for creating such an amazing fun game.

Now here is a list of ideas from me after playing for a few days:

  1. GUI relative size option
    This is meant for players having smaller screens like me. Its not up for 1080p games, but just about the size that most of the games can show comfortable enough to play. My recommended display is 1366x 768. I just can’t buy a larger screen as my room got no more space.
    This function can be just adjust the size in a relative rate, like 60% or 80% etc to the original size. This surely can help many players like me.

  2. Sell the individual car in stockpile with discount
    In my gameplay, many times i got tons like over 400 unsold cars in my stockpile, many of them got defects or just not having the features that should have installed. They just cant get sold and stucked in the garage like forever.
    This function can be like right click on those individual unsold car and say “Sell at 50% off” or even an option to select with checkbox on multiple unsold cars. I believe this might be a common marketing method in the real industry to sell those old models.

These are just very small simple ideas that i think of. I hope these were not yet suggested before.

Thanks for reading =)

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Thanks for the post and ideas. I agree that selling old stock at an discount should be something we have in the game. In fact its already scheduled to be added in the development roadmap.

Yep it is definitely needed