A Few Simple Questions...

Got a couple things there might be answers for here among the community.

First: I modded a new mini-race for my amusement and found a little quirk - I gave them a few new turrets, and after a battle, an attempt to reach the Stats screen made GSB crash with an error message indicating lack of turret mapping [federation]. So I added the new turret mapping to federation.txt, and everything works fine. The question is, is there something I can do that doesn’t involve editing the federation.txt file?

Second thing: I vaguely recall reading somewhere here in the Modding forum the phrase “limit on the number of mods you can have active” (not sure where I read it). Is there such a limit, and if so, what is it? I ask because I’m planning to install some of the more well-known mods around the forum, and I’d like to know if I need to pace myself.

I’ll defer to our fellow modders on that issue, but my gut feeling is that it might not be do-able.

This regrettable problem was discovered during Darkstar’s construction of his Uni-T mod. There formerly existed a bug a Cliffski’s code which had the effect of limiting the maximum number of modules you could have within your GSB installation. IIRC, it was just a bit over 500, which is not as generous as one might believe at first – that total also included ALL of the official modules which ship with the game, too! Thankfully, Cliff isolated it and included a fix in a long-ago patch to the game. Therefore, the only limit to the number of modules one can have in-game is essentially how well one can tolerate having a scrollable but very long & crowded module list. Personally, I find such long lists in-game to be annoying but your mileage may vary.

Based on your discription i would suggest heading to the [Guide] GSB Modding 101
Look at the part on:

Its a step by step instruction about replacing
icon = turret
icon = graphicsfile.dds
which will fix the problem

Archduke is correct, this problem was resolved in version 1.39
2) Bug Fix: Adding more than 500 or so extra modded modules, hulls or other items no longer crashes the game.

I actually did read that section, and it sounded similar enough that I wondered if it was applicable. Thanks for the confirmation.

Excellent. This also settles my nerves over some of my long-term plans. Mwah hah hah…

[han solo in jabba’s palace]
I know that laugh
[/han solo in jabba’s palace]

Aw, Astro, I though you’d be happy at the intimation that I might have plans for something epic that would make a limit on mods for my GSB install a problem…

I should not have said that, I did not mean to let that drop.

… Or did I? :wink:

Please don’t misunderstand me; I was just making a subtle joke (and not at your expense).

Regarding the wider implications of the module limit, I chose to let that slip past me; didn’t want to steal your thunder. But now that you yourself have shone a spotlight upon it, I can wish you “good luck” and congratulate you for having audacity and creative scope. I don’t know what tricks you have hidden up your sleeve, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing them once you deem them to be ready. And if you need a critical eye from time to time, just ask. :slight_smile: